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In the hectic peaks and valleys of everyday business, it’s easy for staff members to lose sight of who their real boss is: The Customer. The demands of office routines and procedures, regulatory compliance, and unpredictable “fires” can quickly pull the focus away from creating a 5-Star service experience for patients or customers. “Great customer […]

Being on Google’s Page 1 is not just about extra traffic; it’s also about spreading brand awareness. Whenever users see your search result, they get an “impression” of your business. You do not pay for impressions. This means you get to give your brand exposure with little or no cost, and do it instantly.

By: Richard J. Roll, Founder, Google Merging With Your Local Business Means Your Online Marketing Reputation Will Now Make You or Break You   There is breaking news you need to know that should have been reported on page 1 of every local newspaper and on the 11 o’clock News, but it wasn’t. So […]