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By: Richard J. Roll, Founder, Google Merging With Your Local Business Means Your Online Marketing Reputation Will Now Make You or Break You   There is breaking news you need to know that should have been reported on page 1 of every local newspaper and on the 11 o’clock News, but it wasn’t. So […]

In 1993, Bill Clinton started his first term as President of the United States. Michael Jordan scored his 20,000 point. Beanie Babies were first launched by Ty Warner. The World Wide Web was born. And 1993 was the year my company and I first  became a  BBB Accredited Business! We’ve now been an A+ member […]

In today’s NY Times a front page article confirms the huge pitfalls in trying to falsify or “game the system” of online reviews–which now are so influential in how consumers choose their services and providers today. Do it right people!

  Fairfield, CT – Over 40 members of the Fairfield Rotary Club heard on Monday how changes in Google’s local searches regarding reputation and reviews can make or break your local professional practice. The talk by local author Richard J. Roll, a founder of Westport based, emphasized that “this Breaking News should have been […]

Where are consumers going today, and who do they trust, for the advice they need?  This just in…(according to Nielsen Global Study): “Recommendations from people I know”: 92% “Consumer Opinions Posted Online”: 70% “Editorial Content, newspaper articles”: “58% Ads on TV”: 47% Conclusion: Consumers today trust the online reviews and ratings, almost as much as people they already know, […]