From this single page you can publish video, audio, images and text to your website. Just pick the appropriate option below and follow the simple instructions.

Once saved, your submissions will be posted to your website in draft form and you’ll be notified by email (if you’ve subscribed to the Fully Managed version of Web Content Flood, we’ll be notified so please provide us with instructions, at the end of your Content/Description field entry, for what you’d like us to do with your post).

If the submission is a video/audio file, you’ll also receive an email with an open-and-play link, download links and a link to HTML code for a website player. The open-and-play link will open a page on our servers with the Title field text at the top, the video next and the Description field text at the bottom. The Description field can include a URL that will be active when the video page is accessed.

To review best practices for creating search-engine-optimized content and view a list of the optimal keyword phrases to use on this site, go to our Writing Guidelines. To review best practices for creating a video and learn about video shooting equipment, go to Video Tips.

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle]1. Submit a written post and image[ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 Simple Submit Form] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle]2. Submit a video/audio post using a webcam or microphone[ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 WideRecorder cf=floodgate] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle]3. Record an audio post using a telephone[ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 Simple Submit Form] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle]4. Upload a file other than video/audio[ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 Attachment Submit Form] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle]5. Upload a video or audio file[ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 MediaUploader cf=floodgate] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]

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