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In 1993, Bill Clinton started his first term as President of the United States. Michael Jordan scored his 20,000 point. Beanie Babies were first launched by Ty Warner. The World Wide Web was born. And 1993 was the year my company and I first  became a  BBB Accredited Business! We’ve now been an A+ member […]

Google has taken another major step forward in its quest to “organize the world’s knowledge” (see my prior blog post: How Google Merged With Your Website and You Didn’t Even Know It). For the first time since early 2010, Google has made a major change in its algorithm that determines what search results are produced […]

  Fairfield, CT – Over 40 members of the Fairfield Rotary Club heard on Monday how changes in Google’s local searches regarding reputation and reviews can make or break your local professional practice. The talk by local author Richard J. Roll, a founder of Westport based, emphasized that “this Breaking News should have been […]