Web TV

As part of your Web Content Flood subscription, we have set up a Web TV account for you on iTunes.


To submit an episode for your online TV show, either record it using the online web recorder (option #1 below) or record it with your own camera and upload it (option #2 below).

For tips on recording your Web TV show, Click Here. Although your show can be of any length, the general recommendation is to make each episode about 15 to 20 minutes in length.

Once you submit your video, it will be available as a draft post within your online system. Just open the post and change the post type to “Web TV Posts” (from the drop down in the Publish box on the right) — then publish it there.

Once the episode is published, it will display in your Web TV loop on your site and, via an RSS feed, be published to your Web TV iTunes account.

Have fun with this!

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle] 1. Record a WebTV show. [ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 WideRecorder cf=webtv] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]

[ei8 ExpanderBody][ei8 ExpanderTitle] 2. Upload a WebTV show. [ei8 ExpanderTitleEnd]

[ei8 MediaUploader cf=webtv] [ei8 ExpanderBodyEnd]